Why the Hardliner won in Iran Election

Many analysts making fuss with the hardliner, Ahmadinejad, landslide victory over Hashemi Rafsanjani.

Whereas the reason is simple:

* The former (Ahmadinejad) live simple life while the latter (Rafsanjani) is rich and live among the riches.

* The former promises employment, while the latter promises freedom and democracy (when you need a basic life, who needs democracy and social freedom, anyway?)

Bush adress on Iraq and war on terror (2)

Bush address on Iraq is nothing new: full of repetition, apologetic, not knightly said about their administration failure in iraq; not honestly said about the wrong war for the wrong reason. terrorism was not exist in iraq. it’s exist now after american invasion.

for democrats americans who vote against him: two thumbs up for you for not voting him, you are the friends of the peaceful world. for republicans who blindly support bush for whatever he’s doing: learn the hard way or america will be remembered by history as the most stupid superpower ever exist!