Latest Repot on the Quran Desecration

The American media–quoting Bush Administration euphemism– prefer a softer word for ‘desecration’. They call it ‘mishandling’. The latest report by the guantanamo military officials reported by CNN confirms that the ‘mishandling’ of quran did happen with more variant in it. The followings are the report from CNN:

U.S.: Guards, detainees mishandled Quran
Guantanamo Bay personnel cited in 4 incidents confirmed by military

(CNN) — A U.S. military investigation has found four incidents in which guards at the Guantanamo Bay prison mishandled the Quran, but said that it was detainees who threw the Muslim holy book in the toilet.

The report said it confirmed four times when U.S. personnel at the base mishandled the Quran: guards kicked a detainee’s Quran; a guard’s urine “splashed” a detainee and his holy book and guards in a water balloon fight that resulted in two detainees’ Qurans getting wet.

In a fifth confirmed incident, it could not be determined whether a guard or a detainee wrote a two-word obscenity in a Quran. Read the Full Story

Well, now what Condy Rice is gonna do? She promised to punish those who committed that crime, let’s see if she put the money where her mouth is.


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