President Jimmy Carter and Guantanamo Bay

Last night, former US president Jimmy Carter urged the current administration to shut down the Guantanamo Prison. he argued that it give more embarassment to US which claims itself as the champion of human right. he further said that about 500 detainees are there without trial. and quoting from donald rumsfeld statement, even if found not guilty the detainees will not be freed. Carter then concluded: this is not the way the US treat the detainees.

the request for the closure of guantanmo prison also comes from several quarters. reknown NYT journalist Thomas Friedman also urges the administration to do so. some democrat senators did the same.

well, as far as the US foreign policy, the democrats establishment–and the democrats constituents–seems much more aware of how damage the image of america abroad, than say, its counterpart (the republican elite and its constituences).


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