Why Anti-Americanism? (1)

when 9/11 strucked the US, pres. Bush address his nation with good question: why they hate us? we’ve done nothing wrong to them!

the query and wondering echoed what the american people feel, but not the bush administration really feel. any US administration since time immemorial knows very clearly what make non-american hate them. as i said earlier on, it’s US bias, double-standard and injustices against the palestinians on one hand and blind-eye attitude and full support for Israeli cause on the other which trigger the world dislike the US, especially the muslims.

the bush amazement must be a joke. he must be full aware of this fact, but the americans may be not. because, the lay-man americans only knew any news outside the US from the mainstream US media which in terms of US policy very much supporting and sleeping for whatever the administration has been doing. except the abu ghuraib scandal and the guantanamo prison of quran desecration.


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