Why Anti-Americanism? (2)

Pre-9/11 Tragedy

As i mention earlier, anti-americanism in the muslim world pre-9/11 terrorist attacks are based on the double-standard and bias the US hold on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If the americas were to see what kind of sufferings the palestinians are because of blind-folded of US administration towards whatever the Israeli governments were and are doing against the innocent palestinians.

this makes muslim people around the world (not muslim countries) nearly forgot the significant role played by US on containing the Serbians who massacred the Bosnian muslims.

dont get me wrong, muslims always and will remember that episode. but the ignorance and negligence of US administration toward the Palestinian people and lands almost erases that episode of history.

ordinary americans should read outside media (print and tv) to understand this. No! not muslim or middle-east media. just read and watch british or any other european media in order to understand how horrific the occupation of israeli, the grab of lands, the daily massacre, etc. then u’ll understand why not only muslims who are dislike americans, even the european people feel the same.

if you still wanna read and watch the US media alone, mind you, you’ll never understand how severe the foreign policy of US (the injustices against palestinian, its quietness towards whatever the israeli doing for five decades; its alliances with arab dictators for the sake of oils, etc) and how the American people will reap what their government has sown.


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