Five Major Sins of American Foreign Policy

Why Anti-Americanism? (3)

1. Always endorsing of whatever the Israeli government wrong doing against Palestinian people;

2. Always protecting the Israel in the UN against the world who just want to condemn Israel for any atrocities against Palestinian people; while at the same time condemning any countries who do, did, done precisely like what the Israeli does, did, done. this is what the world said the double standard of the US.

3. Always condemns and give sanctions if necessary to any country who doing injustices, human right abuses, or allegedly aiding some militant movement; at the same time keep silent if the perpetrator is the Israelis.

4. when israel attacked and invaded and occupied lebanon in 1982, the US endorsed it; but when the Hizbullah (the indigineous people of lebanon) fight back and attack israel, the US call the hizbullah as the terrorist. (can the americans people just see with her/his own average brain the bias and double-standard of such policy? come on!)

5. always protecting the dictators of Arab countries if they can assure the flow of the oils to the US and wanna befriend with the israel; while at the same time always encourage and preaching democracy in other parts of the world.


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