Do Muslim Hate the Jews?

The answer is no. Do muslims hate the israeli invader and occupier? Yes.

all nonmuslim and westerners should be able to see the difference between the two.
muslims dont feel any hatred whatsowever against the jews as the community. muslims hate the israeli for simple reason: they occupied the land of palestinian. they are the newest imperialist who survive till date because of patronisation of the US.

and that’s the only reason why hatred against america and israeli reach beyond the muslim world: any person with anti-colonialism ideal in mind will condemn of what the israelis did, has been and are doing against the palestinians people; and against america which make anything (atrocities, massacre, injustices) the israelis has done and still doing possible.

if you read history of islam, you hardly found the enmity between muslim and the jews. many skilled jews were working or became honorable officials in the islamic caliphate in bygone era.

i see only the american guys who stay in america and never going abroad who never understand this very important point. my american brothers and sisters pleas just understand this point.


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  1. I am not sure what it is you have that so convinces you that you are right. The land you refer to was Ottoman Empire, then British mandate, then land to create two states–Israelis (Jews) had ALWAYS lived where they are today….the land now called “occupied” bezlsonged to Jordan and to Egypt, and theylost that land in tryinbg to eliminate thez state of Isarael. There was no such thing as a Palestinian State, as you claim. And saying that Arabs have always lived there is true but so too have Jews; in fact, there was a Jewish religion there before Islam was born! And the 750 thousand Jews kicked out of Arab lands?

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