Torture in Guantamo and USA Image

CNN yesterday reported the UN statement that the torture on Guantanamo did and still happen. earlier, the confirmation of torture came from the icrc (red cross). that’s why, the US dignitaries and dignified politician calls for the closure of guantanamo bay prison which is rejected by the US politician (read, republican and its supporters) who dont care about their image abroad as long as they can torture the muslims, innocent or not.

the most important things are THE US now cannot claim or proud itself as the champion of democracy and human right. now, the US and americans no better than what they call as the axis of evil, the arab dictators, etc. US administration and the american who support them are equal. equality of barbarism and uncivilized manner in handling human rights, injustices, etc.

what the point the US make when they wanna invade iraq to overthrown saddam, when they themselves do the same atrocities in abu ghraib prison? in afghanistan? in guantamo bay? the little differents are the US sometimes make and does in more shopiscated way with so many sweet coverage from the “embedded-prostitute media”.

what the difference between Saddam and Bush? Rumsfeld and Mullah Umar of Taliban? Wolfowitz and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia?

any americans who read this, please remember one thing: dont rush to comment. sit and think deep. u’ll come into conclusion that in the days/month/year ahead, americans should not wonder whenever the anti-americanism grow not only in the muslims world but also anywhere but in the US. and when it happens, never think that we hate you because of jealousy. because if you think so, you are the most stupid pompous guys in the world who just dont know what’s happening outside your own world in the era of internet; more ironic it might be given the fact that it’s american citizen who invented the technology of internet.


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