Bush Address on Iraq and War on Terror

George W. Bush address last night on US’ position on Iraq and war on terror, unfortunately, not interesting. it’s full of repetition, cliche and apologetic. No plan B was mentioned. so, the US troops still there in Iraq as long as the “Iraqi people” needed. who’s the so-called “iraqi people” anyway? before election result, they are the few iraqis who were picked by the US who parroting what the US man, paul bremer, want them to say. after election, the iraqi people means those who’s been elected by the people. well, it’s little bit makes sense now. but remember, they are only elected by the shiite citizens, while the sunnis (around 40 percent or iraqis) did not elect them.

40 percent is huge. should the US will go home untill the the 40 percent population keep quiet? should americans still there as long as the sunnis still sparking the insurgency? well, civil war will last long. the iraqis is nothing to lose, including their own soul. it’s the americans who gonna lose everything for the adventure they dont really understand.

anyway, what really urges Bush administration to attack in the first place? why looking for problems instead of solving it? all reasons and logic which urged to go to Iraq has been diminished: WMD, biological weapons, etc and now what? terrorism? tell you americans who still ill-informed about iraq: before invasion of US, no terrorists ever dare to land in iraq. now, as senator edward kennedy said, iraq becomes the heaven for terrorist training.

i respect the 45 percent democrat americans who didnt vote for bush reelection. and for another 55 percent republican, i can simply say: learn the hardway, my friend. even the moron dont stuck to sheer stupidity all the time.


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