Islam and Politics of Violence

I think, what Jason Burke in the Guardian says is partly true and kind of objective point of view considering that he’s a western observer and an atheist at the same time. Having said that any readers need to confront his view to balance the act by reading what Karen Amstrong wrote.

Historically speaking, Islam and the West, which is Christian, share the blame for any historic atrocities act in the past and present (and future as well). and in term of quantity the west victims are outnumbered what the Muslim rulers has done. the problem with the Western people and their media is that they never blame any attrocities done by the western christians to their religion teachings; while they smoothly do so in the case of violence done by the Muslims. i think this case need to be addressed very quickly by enlightened moderate christian west if understanding is to be reached among the two major communities of the world. the piece of Prof. John Alden Williamsin this context, therefore, a must-read piece as a starting point.

Secondly, Jason Burke should not only visit to Pakistan to know more about Muslims and Islam. he needs to go to Indonesia, as the largest muslims population in the world. and Malaysia as well.


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