Chatham Report: London’s bomb because Iraq

The most influential British think tank known as Chatham House seems to be much more sane and impartial in “thinking” and making conclusion. Its report clearly says that one factor of london bombing is the involvement of Britain in Iraq war.

Many corners are angry including the incumbent PM and his foreign secretary Jack straw. and even much more angrier are the US, the administration as well as the think tank. the heritage foundation analyst, for example, when interviewed by CNN cannot hide his anger to the chatham report. for us, the non-westerners, it just affirm the belief, we see throughout the years, that the British media and its think tank are having much more credibility and integrity than, say, the US as a whole (administration, think tank and even some conservative people).

Report: UK ‘at risk’ over Iraq war

Monday, July 18, 2005; Posted: 11:12 a.m. EDT (15:12 GMT)

The July 7 bombers targeted London’s transport network.
LONDON, England (AP) — Britain’s close alliance with the United States and involvement in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left it at particular risk of terrorist attack, according to a report published Monday by two leading think tanks.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs, known as Chatham House, and the Economic and Social Research Council also said the situation in Iraq had given “a boost to the al Qaeda network’s propaganda, recruitment and fund-raising” and provided an ideal training ground for al Qaeda-linked terrorists. Read more

“There is anger at the images coming out of Iraq and also from the Palestinians territories, pictures of children being killed. There is a lot of anger about” Arab media monitor


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