The Root Cause of Extremism in Modern Islam

Why Anti-Americanism (4)

If you watch closely the perpetrators of major terror attacks in western countries (9/11, madrid and london)are mostly from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt (middle east).

Why these muslim people dont come from any other muslim countries like indonesia (the largest muslim population in the world), or malaysia and india (the second largest muslim population)?

The answer is:

1. People from those contries are severely oppressed by their respective governments. You cant criticise even slightly against the ruling despots in Saudi Arabia, lest you’ll most definitely go to jail,whoever you are. many respected academicians (local or from other countries who teach there are in jail now, non-academicians are countless. i’ve been there several times for assisting indonesian hajjis and i knew what life looks like.

when you are oppressed, you feel angry even if you an ordinary human who just want a normal and good life with good family. at this stage, you are easily provoked. specially when the going is tough.

now, why then the extremist got angry to America? because, it’s the US who protect the dictators from the very beginning. the oil is the main reason and it’s explicitly stated by respective US governements (necessary evil to ally with the despots, they said).

so, it’s natural if the US also in turn become the epicentre of the extremist hatred without which the dictators cannot exist.

The case also happen in Egypt (under the tyrant of Pres. Husni mubarak); and in Pakistan (previously under military ruler General Zia Ul Haq and now Gen. Pervez Musharraf). significant to say that it’s during general Zia ul Haq government that the pakistani madrassas with extreme point of view against the west reach its peak). and one should not forget that during this time of zia ul haq, america had a big role in patronising the extremists like osama bin ladin et. al. to wage war against the soviet union in afghanistan. the west need to know, that muslims cannot involve in any war unless they are provoked by misguiding propaganda taken from the quran which got the nod from the US administration. now, the west and USA has sown the seed they’ve already reaped. the significant role of the US in sowing and patronising the extremism in Pakistan (which attract many arab people to come and join and create the notorious bin ladin) hardly mentioned in any report and analysis made by any think tank foundation of America. american people, especially the administration and the think tank, need to be honest to themselves first in order to cure the current pendemic of terrorism and then act accordingly.

islam is undoubtedly peaceful religion. yet, there are some verses in the quran which can be manipulated by the extremist preachers to misguide the innocent young muslim chaps to engaged into violence. many instances in a few years just a live proof of these phenomena.

im a muslim, im attached deeply into this religion: i pray five times a day; i dont drink alcohol nor commit adultery. and at the same time i never do any violence, i even never slap nor fight against any person who confront me, not because im weak or coward. it simply because islam orders me to do so.


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