Iraq London link

The 7/7 London Bomb and The Abu Ghraib Prison, Iraq. Pictures are louder than Words.

Iraq link

British Prime Minister Tony Blair rightly observed on Tuesday that “nothing, but nothing can justify terrorism.” There can, indeed, be no justification for the mindless mass murder of innocent civilians. But searching for the reason and motivation behind Thursday’s inhuman atrocity should not be equated with justification of the patently unjustifiable act.

That is precisely what the Blair administration has been doing since July 7. Just as in post-9/11 America, anybody who tried to see any link between the terrorist attacks and the United States’ foreign policy in West Asia, was dubbed a traitor, in Britain today, anybody who utters the word “Iraq” becomes a persona non grata. The political class is painstakingly trying to brainwash the Britons into believing that Mr Blair’s overzealous contribution to US President George W. Bush’s illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, has nothing to do with the killing of 54 Londoners.

But, clearly, the government’s efforts have proved an exercise in futility because a newspaper poll shows that two thirds of Britons believe there is a link between 7/7 and Iraq. The poll results coincided with the release of the leading British think tank Chatham House’s report which said Mr Blair’s support for the US-led Iraq war made Britain a more high-profile terrorist target.

And now an authoritative intelligence report prepared by the Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre has described terrorist activities in Britain a direct result of violence in Iraq. Just as in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, Mr Blair had deceived the anti-war Britons by raising the spectre of non-existent WMDs, he is again trying to mislead them by his constant denials of the truth.

He realises that admission of a connection between 7/7 and Iraq will be an indirect admission of his own responsibility for the mayhem in London. When a doctor informs a patient that his lung cancer is the result of his excessive smoking, he is not justifying cancer. He is merely talking about cause and effect. Those right-thinking academicians, political commentators and intelligence officers who can see the obvious link between London bombing and Iraq, which is for obvious reasons not so obvious to Mr Blair, do not become apologists for terrorists.***


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