My First Global Friend: Sean Doherty

I just make a new list of global friends here. The list is dedicated for those who come from everywhere outside my own country indonesia. and preferably those from the West. As you easily read the title of this blog, i dedicated this blog specifically to make a reflection on the Islam-West relations.

My difficulty so far is i dont find a person from the West who offer any relationship with me: to express each other feeling about each other culture, faith and understanding. That problem is now solved after Sean Doherty surprisingly accept my offer to exchange link of each other’s blog by which way im sure i can be: (a) a regular reader of his blog as well as he’ll be of mine; (b) a regular reader of his friends blog with the same interest and vice versa his friends hopefully can visit mine.

Sean, like me, are a theologian. The difference is he’s Christian and i am a Muslim.

No bridge of understanding can be reached unless we try to cross it. I and Sean seem to agree. I hope the other western/christian/jews guys alike heard my voice and offer the same link exchange too which i’ll gladly accept.


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