Tour de France : Congratulations Lance Amstrong!

I am always touched with the way the sportsmen fighting to the finish line, the way they struggle, find a form and sometimes lose it yet they keep fighting again. It’s just a perfect example of life, only in a shorter term. Whoever has championship mentality, he/she will succeed in life and reach the finish line with glory.

Im always touched whenever I see the mind-boggling finish; pressure cooker situation of two or more sportsmen who fight and never give up till the end. And to see that kind of spirit of fight and prevail in a record seven times championship in a row and in most gruelling situation in a person calls himself Lance Amstrong is treat to watch. and to see that done by a Lance Amstrong, a cancer survivor, is even more amazing and awesome. and to see him decide to quit in the peak of his career even make him more of a legend and unforgettable.

Congratulations Lance! You just more than deserve what you got.


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