Abdullah bin Saud the New King of Arabia

Today prince Abdullah will be officially installed as the new king of Saudi Arabia. he’s a moderate, that’s what western media say. and therefore the american and western interest, yes, it’s oil, will be safe on the new king hand.

saudi is the largest oil exporter, over quarter of world reserve and import are from this country. that is why…

1. America remained silent to the saudi despots, as far as the oil still smoothly flowing the american soil;
2. America pretend not to see any human right violation done by saudi rulers including the torture of dissident (foreigners or its own citizens);
3. George Bush always praise the saudi rulers as “my friend”.
4. America remains quiet even many militants come from this country.
5. America never force or pressurize the royal regime to implement and speed up democracy and independent judiciary;
6. American media like TIME always maintain that the saudi despots are the necessary evil. america need them (their oil, to be precise).
7. to sum up: america, as always, will remain sweet to any middle east dictators, as far as they pump their oil for america and still friendly to israel-whatever atrocities israelis done to palestinians.

let’s see what will america do if the new king showing a sign of dissent to america. will his fate just like Saddam hussein, the long time US allies and now become the US worst enemy or like king faisal, his brother who been assasinated by his own family? time will tell.

one thing the common westerners need to know: that militancy happen in the middle east is caused by oppression, persecution and repression done by the arab dictators who got the full support from the US administration. hence, the US should share the blame. that’s what the oppressed arabs think. and that’s one reason why anti-americanism spread like fire. hence, anti-americanism nothing to do with anti-freedom, anti-democracy or anti-liberty. all these accusation are sheer propaganda which eaten out blindly by many lay men westerners.

middle-eastern/arab people ready to embrace democracy, just like their brothers and sisters in indonesia and malaysia. and they need it now. because if democracy happen in next decade, where anti-americanism can reach its peak, they surely will elect any leader whose anti-america rethoric looks the strongest. and that’s not good for the world harmony.


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