Israel and Pelestinian Maps

If you want to discuss about Israel and Palestine, first of all you have to know from “neutral” sources a map separating the two nations. I’d like to write a brief reflection on this afterwards.

This maps taken from BBC

From which we can see a clear picture wich area is occupied land and wich one is not. The Gaza strip clearly belongs to the Palestinians, so it’s so strange to see the topsy-turvy and media hype on the part of Israeli settlers in Gaza who want to oppose the Gaza pull-out in “heroic” and bravado manner.

Does it deserve to call it “heroic” and “bravery” for the occupier to defends the occupied land? Do Israelis dont understand the meaing of occupation which means more or less “stealing, robbing of other people lands?”

It is just like a bank robber who after he caught one year or 20 year later dont want to return the money he robbed with a very sophisticated argument and pseudo-innocent smiley face. I see BBC journalist Stephen Sucker on Hard Talk programme interviews one of the settler who with smiley face said that she just dont wanna leave Gaza because she think it her own land, even after Mr. Sucker repeatedly told her that Gaza belong to Palestinians, in other word she stole it from the Palestinians. The Israelis also need to know that Israel is the last and only nation in this 21st century who occupied a foreign land along with the US now in Iraq and Afghan. Occupation is the most uncivilized and primitive attitude of any country, yet at the same time it’s Israel who always shout outloud about the War on Terror.


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