The Anti-Semitic Syndrom

Anti-semitism is a word many westerners think like a word of ghost. no body have the gut to say anything against the semit nation which is literally jews and the arabs, but in practical term exlusively and luxuriously owned only by the Jews.

Everybody in the West knows what does it mean if you are called as anti-Semit: you’ll be regarded as the beast, KKK kind of thing, or the Hitler and the worst is you’ll be chased all over the world as a gestapo criminals.

The traumatic experience of the Jews in Europe; prejudiced in such away in their daily life; oppressed brutally not only by any European regime but also seen sarcastically by the people of Europe some decades back and reached its peak in the time of Hitler.

Now, after the West ‘enlightened’ enough to see things clearly and to be jealous about whatever the Jews are doing, the west raise the campaign about the importance of avoiding the anti-jews sentiment or anything apply to that effect, to some extent that anything said against the Jews will be regarded as anti-Semit. No one dare to say anything about the Jews, except for praising, appreciation and complementary kind of stuff. No criticism, please.

The muslims dont see it that way. For muslims, who never face traumatic experience with the jews or any nation, never regard the jews as the infallible nation who cannot be criticised; nor do muslim regard the jews as the ever-villain who cannot be praised. Muslims regard them as human who can do wrong and right.

that’s why, former malaysian PM Dr. Mahathir Muhammad few years back do precisely both things: praise the jews for their hardworking and conquering the world economy; and at the same time criticising them for their atrocities, brutalities and oppression against the Palestinians in the Palestine. for muslims criticism and appreciation are fair game to whoever deserve it. Why you can criticise one nation freely, and cannot do the same to another? On this matter, the muslims seem much more logical than the West.


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