Attribute: Wilson Kusumo

Photo: Wilson Kusumo (middle, wears batik) along with some other volunteer of Tsunami catastrophe in Banda Aceh. Photo taken last year.

One of the victims of Medan Plane Crash was Wilson Kusumo. He’s a social activist and known in Indonesia as a person with integrity and dignity. He’d been very active involve in contentious and, sometimes, heated discussion in Indonesia Forum mailing list or milis ppi-india, as it’s more popularly known, where I am one of the moderators board.

I never met him in person nor have I seen his photo. Because when we discuss things, what really matter to us is the opinion and the character behind it. And from the way he discussed things and deal with various mattters, I knew this person has a kind of unbiased and very determined personality.

When the name-list of mandala plane crash victim came up, we in the Indonesia Forum were amazed and shocked that one of those victims are a person we knew almost personally. It shocked and amazed me even further when I came to know that he’s a chinese and a non-Muslim!

Contrary with the trends in the ever on-going discussion, he was never complaining about the treatment of Muslim majority in Indonesia against the minority; nor did he compain about the “mal-treatment” of non-Chinese Indonesians against the chinese. on the contrary, whenever someone post a new thread about these kind of complain, he’d be the first person to protest and oppose such kind feeling saying that the minority i.e. non-muslim and chinese origin should and must stop crying wolf everytime. That’s why I never imagine that he’s one of those belonging to the Indonesian chinese/minorities. and at the same time, it also confirm how good person he was.

For the family, his wife Ms. Betty and his children, I feel sorry for you. I’m sure he’ll rest in peace in heaven. God bless him and his family. More photos of Wilson Kusumo


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