Egypt Election is a Joke!

So, here we go. Husni Mubarak won a landslide victory in the first ever multi-candidates election in Egypt. Previously, the “election” was called referendum, that is, the egyptian people were given two choices: either Yes (means vote for Mubarak), or NO! and the result was 99% YES! nevertheless, if you vote against Mubarak (a) you will never have another candidate which means the country in vacuum of power which is not good; (b) with the country secret agents scattered in all sphere of life, no body dare to say NO or else you’ll be found as the follower of Ikhawanul Muslimin (muslim brotherhood): a one way ticket to the torture chamber. 🙂

back to the election. why i say this first election as a joke? because (a) candidates are to be approved by the election committee installed by the dictatorial Mubarak regime; (b) the main challenger of Mubarak which come from the Muslim brotherhood was not approved. so the political opponents of Mubarak were the light weight politician who will never match the stature and power of mubarak.

the egypt election just remind me to what happen in my country indonesian in Suharto’s era. only Suharto was much more smarter and wily than Mubarak, by permitting the existence multi-party and legislative assembly (which actually were pure gimmick!)

as far as democracy and islamic modernism go, arab country represent a shameful and paradox picture of Islam. Arab countries as a center-point of Islam (in the eyes of the West), yet here in this region emerge the lists of the most undemocratic, oppressive and dictatorial regimes. No democratic countries in the middle-east, except Palestine (which is still occupied by Israel).

Interesting to note, that all the dictators are the friends of US, the vervent campaigner of Democracy. US in big dilemma because of one reason: Israel. had Israel not existed in the region; or it doesnt occupy Palestine land, the US will be no problem to pressurise the Arab regime to change gears. i believe, even if the arab regimes wanna change into full democracy, the US will think twice because it will harm the future of Israel.

I’m sorry for the jews, we have been a long time friends. Muslims are a good friendf of jews since time immemorial. it’s the attrocities of Israeli regime against the oppressed palestinian (muslim and christians) which make our personal relations a bit tearing us apart. jews who dont follow the israeli government policies against palestinian people and wanna make friends with its neighbour please tell me through email, i just wanna say Shalom to you..


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