GAM and Indonesia peace deal

Photo: Indonesia’s Justice Minister Hamid Awaluddin (L) shakes hands with the Free Aceh Movement’s (GAM) Chairman Malik Mahmood (R) in the presence of Finland’s former president Martti Ahtisaari (C) after the signing of a peace agreement in Helsinki August 15, 2005. The truce aims to end three decades of fighting in Aceh. (REUTERS/Ruben Sprich – Mon Aug 15, 7:56 AM ET)

Next Sunday, I along with some other Indonesian students in India will be invited by Indonesian embassy in India (KBRI New Delhi) to attend a meeting held for discussing about the peace deal between the rebel movement of aceh (GAM) and indonesian government (RI). if you are interested to know about the details of the MoU (memorandum of understanding) between both parties, you can see it in pdf format here.

the print edition of the MoU being circulated before hand although i havent seen it yet due to my hectic academic and other engagement schedule. so, i couldnt give analytical point of view right now.

but for the time being, im optimistic. anything, any deal which lead to a peaceful co-existence among all indonesians should be greeted cheerfully. whatever the details of the peace deal, it shows the maturity of both parties involved. it is win-win solution for all: GAM, RI and, especially, the people of Aceh.

Acehnese has been suffered by the three decades conflict to unbearable level. The GAM and TNI (indonesian army) personnels are all the problems in Aceh, rather than a solution. the disarmament of Aceh rebel (GAM) and the withdrawal of TNI from the conflict torn area, therefore, should be seen a step in the right direction.
Photo: An activist releases a white dove as a symbol of peace during a peace rally in Jakarta. The Indonesian government and Muslim Aceh rebels signed a peace accord in Helsinki aimed at ending decades of bloodshed, a deal spurred along by the devastation of last year’s tsunami (AFP – Mon Aug 15, 4:57 AM ET)

many people outside Aceh see that peace deal as a threat for the unity of Indonesian archipelago. Indonesian people, particularly non-Acehnese who used to see the concept of NKRI (united state of indonesia) in the strictest meaning of the term should regard this peace deal as a revelation. and either GAM or TNI/RI should be applauded and appreciated for their mature and statesmen like behavior. keep in mind, that as far as south asia goes, it’s the first time any country in the region make the kind of deal. sri lanka with its tamil tiger; india with its kashmir and other separatists all are still engaging in ever on-going conflict and still yet to reach any substantial agreement. for that matter, we, indonesians, should be prouf of it. and i am proud of what has been achieved by them.

It is not too exaggerating to say that India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar should learn from Indonesia on how to deal with their rebellious citizens.


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