There’s something about Religion

Last night I was actually very tired due to some hectic activities all day long during these two weeks. I’ve been doing three different research project since last two weeks and now there’re still two projects left that needs a lotta energy. at least and I hope in two weeks time all the tiring projects will be done as planned.

well, so, when last night we _indonesian students in india_ are invited by indonesia embassy new delhi to attend the farewell party of a senior diplomat, mr. suhadi salam, i was a bit reluctant to go. but considering this was my last time to meet him, i forced myself to go.

and there, after the farewell party ritual, i went outdoor for a smoke along with some other embassy staffs whose smoking become another rituals which no less important than the farewell speech of the ambassador mr. danilo anwar and mr. suhadi salam.

it’s during that smoking rituals that i, my friend and some other embassy staffs talking about religion which is often discussed and debated in the Indonesia Forum and other national mailing list popularly known as milis. the embassy staff wonders why not discussing the more urgent needs of indonesian people instead, like for example, poverty, economy, peace co-existence, etc.

assuming that all the milis member are from more fortunate societies of indonesian people–educated, employed, free-access to internet hence open to wide information, etc– the weird feeling of the embassy staff was acceptable for more than one reasons.

i replied, that (a) what’s happening i.e. the topsy-turvy, never-end-and-never-die of religious debates are a fact of indonesian society which regardless how high their educations, upbringing and social status are still cannot escape from a religious bound and obsession.

(b) that religion in many societies, especially developing countries –but now also contaminating the advanced world like the US– is not only a heavenly path to reach a sense of peace and guidance of life; but also as a representative of our respective egos. and when ego prevails, the religion becomes useless. religion become no more than a tool, beside political-cultural-economical pride of a person, a society, and a country. now, when we are talking about any religion among different followers of different faiths, we are facing difficulties to differentiate between talking religion and politic, etc. just like a javanese and an acehnese talking and debating about their respective plus and minus point; like a chinese and an indian talking about the plus-minus of their respective culture.

in the end, i told them that as far as we don’t put the religion back into its basic position_as a guidance to the peacefullness of human inner feeling_it still and will become a tool of many ambitious individuals, societies, countries and civilizations to attack and slander each other. as history wisely told us.

now, we can see the western people enjoyably and cheerfully criticise, attack and denounce Islam and Muslim and keenly looking for its minus point of islamic teaching and muslims mistake; while at the other side, the Muslims are also with high spirit condemn, blame and make a joke on the decay of western civilisation, etc. it’s not a win-win situation. it’s just a big baby enjoys playing blaming game.

having said that, i still believe that sane, unbiased and objective people still try their best to turn things around. and im still optimistic that one day, there’ll be a time when the west represented by the Christians and the East by Islam will hug each other, contribute their each other plus point as it ever happened between the two great civilizations in around ten century ago.


I made a little yet significant mistake when i wrote ‘insane’ instead of ‘sane’. Thanks to Neil.


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