Nitric oxide can help women stay fertile longer

Nitric oxide can help women stay fertile longer

Nitric oxide, a chemical compound, could one day help women in their 30s and 40s remain fertile longer, says a study. Indian-origin scientist Anuradha Goud and colleagues at Wayne State University School of Medicine, in Detroit, studied the effects of nitric oxide on 1,500 eggs gathered from mouse ovarian ducts one to two hours or four to six hours after ovulation. According to a report in science portal Eurek Alert, mouse eggs that aren뭪 fertilised within hours of ovulation begin to age rapidly. After about six hours, these eggs are less likely to be fertilized properly, leading to chromosomal abnormalities in the embryos. To prevent this, they exposed the eggs to varying concentrations of nitric oxide, a multipurpose signaling molecule that helps keep arteries supple and helps men achieve erections.


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