Israel launches missile attack on Fatah office in Gaza City

Israel launches missile attack on Fatah office in Gaza City

Arab nations plan resolution against Tel Aviv’s nuclear programme at IAEA meet

GAZA CITY: An Israeli aircraft fired a missile at an office building early on Wednesday, damaging the structure and knocking out power in part of Gaza City. No injuries were reported.

The air strike hit a two-storey building used by the ruling Fatah movement. The offices provide tutoring lessons to school children, and cash and food assistance to families in the impoverished Tufah neighbourhood.

The attack left a big hole in a wall of the building, smashed windows and destroyed an electrical transformer. Windows on several nearby houses were broken, and a car was damaged by flying debris.

The army confirmed it had targeted a Fatah building. It gave no further details.

Threat to peace

Israel has carried out a series of air strikes in recent days aimed at Islamist militant targets.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Israel on Wednesday urged Arab nations to abandon a push to have it declared a menace to peace at a 139-nation meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency, suggesting Iran’s suspect nuclear programmes posed the real threat to West Asia.

Gideon Frank, the head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission and Israel’s chief delegate to the IAEA’s general conference, was responding to preparations by Arab countries to present a resolution stating that Israel’s secretive atomic programme threatened West Asia peace. Israel “will not be in a position to support” a separate resolution urging all West Asian nations to throw open their nuclear programmes to IAEA controls unless the plan to table a text on an Israeli threat is dropped, he said.

Israel neither confirms nor denies its nuclear status but is considered the only nation in the region with nuclear weapons. Experts say Israel continues to produce atomic weapons and already has more than 200 warheads, as well as the capability to quickly build more. — AP


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