BBM (Petrol) Hike

There are two big issues in indonesia nowadays (a) petrol hike (BBM in local acronym) and (b) bird flu. obviously for common people and those who concerned with their bad-to-worse fate, the former has much more hype and outcry. it’s common sense when you earn just around one or two dollars a day or even less, where life’s getting harder by the day, you cannot expect from those poor people to think about the latter (the bird flu).

i cannot predict what’ll happen with the current president upon his decision reduce the subsidies and hence increasing the BBM price. many analyst including foreign diplomats are of the opinion that president SBY position is not under threat as many people in the street support him and the MP (DPR) are in cool-down situation. also need to remember that the VC Jusuf Kalla is the current chairman of Golkar party who has significant number in the parliament.

but who knows? many social and political organization plan to stage a big demonstration around the presidential palace (istana merdeka). my opinion is things will be ok for president SBY at least for the moment. but once the effect of petrol effect felt by the grass-root people, things will go differently. when you cannot afford to feed yourself one meal a day, what the president expect you to do?

anyway, as im not in indonesia right now, i cannot see the real situation outthere right now, but i hope, whatever the impact, it’ll go as peaceful as possible.


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