Can & Will Pres SBY be Impeached?

the BBM’s (petrol, gasoline, etc) hike, and all price in the market follow suit predictably make ordinary indonesian’s life more miserable. with most poor people earn less than a dollar a day, their life turn from bad to worse.

President Indonesia SBY with Arab Saudi Ambassador (left), Palestinian Ambassador (middle) during prayer in Istiqomah Mosque (Photo by KOMPAS)

who to blame? the first answer is President SBY (susilo bambang yudhoyono). now, some politician, activist and political commentators start whispering as to whether in present system–direct elected president–the incumbent president can be impeached? and if so will he be impeached? many say no. but some hi-fi politicians start saying ‘yes’.

the head of MPR (council of consultative assembly) mr. nurwahid hidayat of PKS (justice and prosperous) party suggest that the President can be impeached. “it depends on DPR (MP) and MK (constitutional court),” says he as quoted by harian terbit daily(10/11)

the possibilty of the president SBY impeachment becomes the hot debate in some current event milis (mailing list). Ikranagara, a social activist stays in the US, say in the Indonesia Forum that whether he (pres. SBY) can be impeached or not, it’s not important anymore for him. the important thing is ‘I used to vote for him in the election, and now I regret it. If possible i’ll ask the KPU (election committee) to discount my vote for him”

the sentiment about the BBM hike is so high as reported by many media like Bali Post daily

interesting to watch the development of this news very closely. if the impeachment happens, it’ll be the first in the history of indonesian democracy a president elected directly by the people being impeached.


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