Pinch, stop nose bleed

– By Dr Manoj Kuriakose

A bleeding nose is a common sight with the onset of summer. Nose bleeds occur spontaneously when the nasal membranes dry out, crust and crack. To stop a nose bleed, you should:

l Pinch soft parts of the nose together between your thumb and index finger.

l Press firmly compressing the pinched parts of the nose against the bones of the face and breathe through the mouth
l Hold the nose for 5 minutes. Repeat until the nose has stopped bleeding.

l Sit or lie down quietly, keeping the head higher than the level of the heart.

l Apply ice (crushed in a plastic bag or washcloth) to nose and cheeks.


Some of the most commonly used homeopathic medicines are

* to stop bleeding: ferrum met

* if bleeding has clots: chamomilla, china, platina, rhus tox

* bleeding after a blow to the nose: arnica, hamamelis, sepia

*bleeding from blowing nose: arnica, lachesis, acid phos, sulphur, phosphorus.

Courtesy: Asian Age


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