Weekend Breakfast: Indonesia News Headlines


Friday, 14/10/2005 23:36 WIBThe Second Stage of GAM Disarmament Begins

The second stage of the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) disarmament started today (14/10) and will last until Sunday (16/10).


Friday, 14/10/2005 23:31 WIB

Bali Bombing Planned in June 2005

The bombing in Jimbaran and Kuta, Bali, on Saturday (01/10) was assumed to have been planned in June 2005. National Friday, 14/10/2005 01:07 WIB

Corby Wants Her Lawyers to File Appeal

A five year reduction in her 20-year jail sentence, which was imposed by the Denpasar District Court does not satisfy Schapelle Leigh Corby, who was convicted in a drug smuggling case.


Friday, 14/10/2005 01:01 WIB

Australia Asks For Terrorist Suspects’ Sentences Not to be Reduced

The Australian government has requested that the Indonesian government not reduce sentences imposed on terrorist suspects in bombing cases.

NationalFriday, 14/10/2005 00:58 WIB

Indonesia and Australia Plan to Establish Further Terrorism Discussions

Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Widodo AS, has said that in the near future there might be further discussions over legalities regarding the handling of terrorism in Indonesia.


Friday, 14/10/2005 00:53 WIB

Government Sends TNI to Help Earthquake in Pakistan

The Indonesian Military (TNI) has already sent a Hercules plane to Pakistan to help the earthquake victims.


Friday, 14/10/2005 00:50 WIB

DPR: Terrorism Only a Reason for TNI to Enter Civilian Territory

The Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) is to use its budget rights over the decision to reactivate territorial commands.


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