Fallujah’s 9/11: U.S. Used WMD

by Fintan Dunne, Editor Research Kathy McMahon

Fallujah’s 9/11: U.S. Used Weapons of Mass Destruction

November 9th, 2004 was Fallujah’s 9/11 Tuesday. It marked the peak of three days of indiscriminate bombing of Fallujah by US forces.
Iraqi Defense Minister Hazem Al-Shaalan promised that the day would be decisive. It wasn’t. It was inhumane beyond belief, almost beyond comprehension.

The bomb blitz featured weapons of mass destruction: banned napalm-type munitions, chemical poison gas and super-bombs of up to 2,000-pounds. The ground assault was indiscriminate. The target was a city where at least 60,000 civilians outnumbered rebel fighters by over thirty to one.

The attack on Fallujah was the worst single terrorism atrocity since 2,752 people died in New York on Tuesday, 9/11/2001. Around two hundred were killed in the 3/11 Madrid train bombings and a similar number in the Bali blast. But, the Iraqi Red Crescent fear that up to 6,000 may have been killed so far, in the terror which is being visited on Fallujah.

If the emerging reports prove true, the US military commanders and their political superiors, who ordered the atrocities must be tried for war crimes. The evidence of those crimes is accumulating, as accounts by aid workers’ from inside Fallujah manage to bypass reporting restrictions
Courtesy: Breakfornews


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