Tips to buy multimedia phone

While most of the phones have some multimedia capability or the other, it is difficult to realise whether the capability is good enough or not.

Here we present tips one should keep in mind before purchasing a multimedia phone:

With an entry-level multimedia phone, you can click pictures at 100 to 300k pixel resolution. Remember this is enough only for viewing the pics on your mobile, and not for printing. The mid-level phones can, however, click pics of upto 1.3 megapixels, which can be printed in acceptable sizes.

With more and more mobile content available online, it makes sense to go for a handset which has high speed data connectivity option to make use of it. As of now, only Nokia has come out with EDGE-enabled phones.

Audio playback
While entry-level multimedia phones tend to play audio only in proprietary format files, the high-end phones usually have fullly-featured audio players and can play MP3 files that can be transferred to and fro and played straight from the system. Before buying the phone, make sure that it can play music in the background. Most phones still do not allow you to browse the phonebook or perform other actions while playing back music.

Camera and audio functions are dependent on the memory of the phone. Most entry-level phones have either 16-32 MB of memory, mid-range phones have 32-64 MB and others have memory expansion capabilities using memory cards

Usually phones with camera have video recording capability. Mid-range camers phones come with a basic video recording at 10-15 frames per second and with a recording limit of 30 second to 1 minute. The high-end phones would give you smoother videos at higher frame rates and the length limited only by the capacity of your memory card. Also, the high-end phones give limited video editing options on the phone itself. Most of these videos, however, can be best viewed on small screens only.


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