By Lukman Nul Hakim

Self talk is a conversation which take place in your mind, it is between you and your self, it is all the comments ‘you’ raise to your self. We are actually very much close with self talk, as we do it all the time. For example when you see a beautiful girl, you will say (in your mind) ‘Oh my God, elle est tres jollie..’, or when you read your exam paper, you will say “’s too difficult, I think I’ll flunk on this subject’, or before giving a speech you will say, ‘I will charm the audience with my words..’, and so forth.

When you are in dilemma, confuse, forced to make a giant decision or about to perform something (especially in front of public), then what you say to your self play a big role in your ability to solve the problematic situation and performance. If positive self talk come to your mind, then you can think clearly, you will be able to perform well, and contrary if it’s negative self talk came out, you will perform under stress, and of course the result will not be optimum.

Positive and Negative Self Talk
There are two kinds of self talk, namely Positive Self Talk (PST) and Negative Self Talk (NST). PST is supporting by nature, it is the willing to accomplish something, the willing to overcome obstacles, to increase self regard. Meanwhile NST is the opposite, it is unsupporting, the willing to stay in ‘safe’ condition.

Why Some People Have Positive Self Talk, While Some Others Negative?
It is energize by self confidence. Those self confidence people they view this world positively, challenging, have to be conquer. And if we ask where these confidence come from? Then it is rooted from your childhood. How your first environment (parents, maid, sibling, teachers, television, etc) treat you, educate you, show you, all play a big role in shaping your mind. They influence how you think about your self, how you think about this world. So, parents be careful..!!

Do You Tend to Have Positive or Negative Self Talk?
Basically we have positive and negative self talk, but it you quantify, which one has bigger proportion? Which one tend to come up more frequently? The more one is thus your tendency. Which one are you??

For The Positive Self Talker, congratulations!! You are on the right track, conquer this world, reach the optimum level of your capability!! For The (present) Negative Self Talker, congratulation that you have read this article!! Now you know your self better, now you know where you can start to improve your self from!! From now on, when you get up from sleep, the first thing come to your mind will be : Life is Beautiful, I’ll do my best in everything today, I’ll conquer this day!!

The Magic words:
.: When you are not sure about your ability to do something, then say to your self
“If other people can do it, so I must be able to do it too!!”


2 Responses

  1. Assalamu’alaikum Wr,Wb

    Salam dari saya di Malaysia

    Rajin-rajin belajar, jaga diri di perantauan orang jaga nama baik kedua ibu dan bapa

    Wa’alaikum salam Wr. Wb. Terima kasih pak.

  2. Nice discussion of self-talk, thank you Mr. Hakim. The subconscious listens to your self-talk intently and acts accordingly. If you engage in NST, your subconscious will not believe your goal is achievable and so will not spur you to execute actions which will bring your goals to fruition. Fortunately the reverse is also true. If you engage in PST, your subconscious is more likely to spur you to act in ways that improve your chances of success in chasing your goals and life in general.


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